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Changing your course preferences through VTAC

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

We've said it before and we'll say it again - the great thing about VTAC application is that you’re able to change your course preferences if you have a change of mind! According to VTAC, there is no cost involved just as long as you pay your course application fee.

Here are some tips on VTAC’s website that would help you in this process:

Tips of changing your course preferences | Image credit:

Remember to always check your course code when changing your preferences! Here are AIT’s course codes for easy reference.

Course Code
Digital Design (Degree) 8140110032
Digital Design (Diploma) 8140110062
Information Technology (Game Programming) (Degree) 8140110122
Information Technology (Mobile Applications Development) (Degree) 8140110022
Information Technology (Diploma) 8140110132
Interactive Media - 2D Animation (Degree) 8140110092
Interactive Media - 3D Design (Degree) 8140110102
Interactive Media - Film & Video (Degree) 8140110012
Interactive Media - Game Design (Degree) 8140110112
Interactive Media (Diploma) 8140110042

Good luck!!